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South American Kits - DLS 2022

 South American Kits - DLS 2022 America de Cali, Barcelona SC, Colon de Santa Fe, Deportivo Cuenca, Deportivo Palestino, Club Olimpia, etc.

Update! Universidad Catolica, Universidad de Chile, Union Santa Fe, and Universitario.

Superliga Argentina 2022/23 Kits Update

Universidad Catolica (Equador)

The Umbro Universidad Católica 2022 Home kit is the club's traditional sky blue color, with diamond shapes woven into the fabric. It features a white and sky blue v-neck collar and white cuffs on the sleeves.


The Umbro Universidad Católica 2022 away jersey is mainly black with some pale blue details on the cuffs and collar. The front of the shirt has a striped pattern in a dark grey color.

Umbro combines the Universidad Católica 2022 away football shirt with black shorts and socks.

The Umbro Universidad Católica 2022 third shirt is mainly red with white details and a small section of the collar in black.

White shorts and socks round off the look of the new Universidad Católica 2022 third uniform by Umbro.



Universidad de Chile 2022

The blue base of the Adidas Universidad de Chile 2022 home football shirt is combined with white accents, which include the polo collar as well as the 3 Stripes on the shoulders.
The Adidas Universidad de Chile 2022 away football shirt is off-white with blue used for details such as the sponsor logo, Three Stripes on the shoulders, and the Adidas logo.
Blue is combined with black to create an image of mountains against the horizon on the v-neck collar and cuffs, referencing the Andes mountain range.

CA Union de Santa Fe Argentine

The Kappa Club Atlético Unión de Santa Fe 2022 jersey has a traditional red and white striped look with a raglan cut and white sleeves. The Kappa logo and club badge are placed on the left and right of the chest respectively. Several sponsor logos adorn the shirt on the chest, shoulders, and back. The color red is used for all sponsor logos, making them fit in much better. The jersey has a white round-neck collar.

Universitario 2022 kits 


America de Cali 2022-2023 Jersey Umbro 

We are proud to present the 22/23 Home and Away jerseys for 15- time Categoría Primera A champions and one of Colombia's oldest clubs, América de Cali.

Both jerseys celebrate the club’s legacy and success throughout the country’s Footballing history by commemorating original jerseys worn back in 1918. 

The Home jersey is a tribute to Gabriel Ochoa Uribe, one of Colombia’s most successful managers who won 7 of his 14 league titles with the club. Styled in red, the jersey features contrasting vertical stripes, a polo collar, and red trims. The look is completed with a neck signoff featuring “El Legado de Ochoa” (Ochoa’s Legacy). 

America de Cali DLS Kits 2022

America de Cali DLS Kits 2022
America de Cali DLS Kits 2022
America de Cali DLS Kits 2022
GK 1
America de Cali DLS Kits 2022
GK 2
America de Cali DLS Kits 2022

Barcelona SC 2022-2023 Kits

The Marathon Barcelona SC 2022 kits are held in the club's customary shade of yellow, with a subtle pattern of the cross and stripes, which appear in the crest, covering the front of the shirt. The collar and sides feature a lot of red, with the shoulder tops and sleeve cuffs in black.
Part of the crest design is also applied to the sleeve ends. All sponsor logos are held in black, white, or red.

Marathon combines the Barcelona SC 2022 shirt with black shorts and striped black and yellow socks.

The Marathon Barcelona SC 2022 away shirt

is mainly white with black sleeves and shoulders. The sleeve cuffs appear in white, while all sponsor logos and even the club crest are held in a monochrome black or white.

BARCELONA SC 2022 Third Kits

The Marathon Barcelona SC 2022 third shirt combines red and black in a very sleek design. An interesting graphic covers both the front and back of the jersey, while all logos are black. Black is also used on the sides, sleeve ends, and around the collar and shoulders.

Barcelona SC DLS 2022-2023 Kits

barcelona sc dls kits 22
barcelona sc dls kits 22
barcelona sc dls kits 22
GK 1
barcelona sc dls kits 22
GK 2
barcelona sc dls kits 22

Colon de Santa Fe 2022-2023 Kelme Kits

GK 1
GK 2

Uniformes Deportivo Cuenca 2022-2023 Lotto

Country: Ecuador
Brand: Lotto
Main Sponsors: Banco de Austro
Main Color Jerseys: Red-Black

Kits Deportivo Cuenca DLS 2022

Deportivo Cuenca DLS 2022
Deportivo Cuenca DLS 2022
GK 1
Deportivo Cuenca DLS 2022
GK 2
Deportivo Cuemca DLS 2022

LDU Quito 2022-2023 Puma Kits

LDU Home shirt

This is the new Liga Deportiva Universitaria - Liga de Quito - home shirt.

The 2022 design from Puma is in white with cyan/turquoise embellishment on the shoulders, while the further trim is in black.

The crest appears in full color and partner logos are in a mix of black and corporate palettes.

On the upper back, the shirt has details referring to the Ecuadorian side’s formation - 1918 - and the fact it will be used in 2022, and it will form a kit with matching white shorts and socks.

De Quito away shirt

The “Visitante” release for the Ecuadorian side is in an aqua blue/turquoise/cyan tone, with a dark, tonal graphic pattern.

Trim is in navy while detailing - the “U” crest, Puma cat logos, and another partner branding - is in white.

As another bespoke detail on a kit completed with matching shorts and socks, the shirt’s upper back carries a “1918-2022” print to recognize LDU’s history.

LDU Quito Alternative Kits

The Quito side has a new navy Puma design this year, complete with a white diagonal sash and full-color crest.

Beyond the white trim, detailing - including the Puma logos - is in red, while other partner branding contrasts fully.

The “1918-2022” print on the upper back documents the club’s longevity and the nominally one-color kit is completed with navy shorts and socks.

DLS Uniforme LDE Quito (Ecuador)

LDU Quito DLS kits 2022
LDU Quito DLS kits 2022
LDU Quito DLS kits 2022
GK 1
LDU Quito DLS kits 2022
GK 2
LDU Quito DLS kits 2022

Club Olimpia 2022-2023 Dream League Soccer Kits

Home shirt

The Club Olimpia 2022 home jersey celebrates the team’s 120th Anniversary with a print featuring 1902 and 2022 above the crest. The milestone is also recognized with a retro soccer ball printing and the text “120 AÑOS DE HISTORIA” (120 Years of History) on the inside neckline.


The Nike Club Olimpia 2022 away jersey is black with a white sash, inspired by the shirt worn by the "five-time champions" of 1982.
Same as the home kit, the Nike Club Olimpia 2022 away football shirt features detailing to commemorate Olimpia's 120th anniversary around the crest, a graphic inspired by the International Cup on the inside neck and the "World Champion" text on the back.

Club Olimpia 2022-2023 Kits (Paraguay)

GK 1

Club Deportivo Palestino 2022-2023 Capelli Jerseys

Home kits

The Capelli CD Palestino 2022 home shirt showcases the club's trademark red, white, and green stripes. These come in the form of a thick, central red stripe, surrounded by white stripes and then green. They are all bordered by thin black lines.

The striped design carries over onto the sleeves as well as a small portion of the back.

Away Shirt

Capelli combines the Palestino 2022 home shirt with white shorts and socks.
The Capelli Palestino 2022 away shirt is mainly black, with its most notable feature being a green and red chevron near the chest area.

Black shorts and socks round off the look of the new Palestino 2022 away outfit by Capelli.

DLS 2022 Kits Deportivo Palestino (Chile)


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