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Dream League Soccer Kits PSG 

Paris Saint Germain Kits 22/23 DLS 22 Kits

DLS 22 Kits PSG
Paris Saint-Germain DLS Kits 2022 away
DLS 22 Kits PSG
DLS Kits PSG 23 Fourth Kits
Kits PSG third
Kit PSG GK 22/23


PSG Kits 2022-2023 DLS FTS Kits - Nike Jordan PSG

Paris Saint Germain Logo 
PSG Kits 2022-2023 DLS FTS Kits - Nike Jordan PSG
PSG 2022 home kit DLS 2019
PSG Kits 2022-2023 DLS FTS Kits - Nike Jordan PSG
PSG 2022 away kit DLS 2019
PSG Kits 2022-2023 DLS FTS Kits - Nike Jordan PSG
PSG 2022-2023 third kit
PSG Kits 2022-2023 DLS FTS Kits - Nike Jordan PSG
PSG 2022 GK home 
PSG Kits 2022-2023 DLS FTS Kits - Nike Jordan PSG
PSG 2022 GK away
PSG Kits 2022-2023 DLS FTS Kits - Nike Jordan PSG
PSG 2022 GK third
PSG Kits 2022-2023 DLS FTS Kits - Nike Jordan PSG
Nike Jordan fourth kit PSG DLS 2019
PSG Kits 2022-2023 DLS FTS Kits - Nike Jordan PSG

PSG DLS Concept Kits

Paris Saint-Germain DLS Kits 2021
DLS 22 Kits PSG
kit for PSG dream league soccer kits
DLS 22 Kits PSG
Dream League Soccer kit 2022 of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

DLS Kits PSG 2021, This club was founded on 12th August 1970. The nickname of the club is Les Rouge-et-Bleu meaning of these words The Red and Blues. The short name of the club is PSG. The Owner’s name of the club is Oryx Qatar Sports Investments (QSi). The President of the club is Nasser Al-Khelaifi. The Manager’s name for the club is Thomas Tuchel. The Ground name of the club is Parc des Princes. Everyone is a big fan of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) who plays dream league soccer and wants to customize the kit of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) football club.

The Paris Saint Germain is the French professional football club and it has a huge following from all the dream league soccer 2021 players, they use this PSG team’s 512×512 kits for their DLS players and this team’s kits are giving the best reality experience while playing the game and if you looking for kit DLS Buriram united 2021 and logos of this team then you can get them now.

How to get the PSG 2021 Kits and Logos

we are going to get the Paris Saint-Germain F.C. (PSG) 2022-2023 Kit with the below-downloading procedure, if you don’t have any URLs of these Kit de DLS 21 PSG, then just get them from the below of this downloading procedure because the URLs are the key to get any DLS team kits.
  1. First of all, we need to “Copy the URL” (which we’ve mentioned below)
  2. Now open “DLS 2021 Game”
  3. Then click on “My Club”
  4. Chose “Customise Team” option
  5. Here you can select either “Edit Kit” or “Edit Logo”
  6. Now hit on “Download”
  7. Finally “Paste The URL”
For any DLS team kits or FTS kits we need the above downloading procedure and also their URLs, at this particular platform we are giving the kits for PSG - Paris Saint Germain, so if you are looking for this team’s latest URLs, you have come to the correct place and you can get them from the below and if your search for kit FC Porto dream league soccer 2021 then checks out that post.

DLS Kit PSG 2021-2022 Download

From the below lines we are going to give you all types of kit URLs of this PSG team. So copy the below-mentioned URLs according to their kit names such as home kit, away kit, third kit..etc So why late just copy the below URLs and then paste them in the DLS game as per the above downloading steps.

PSG 2021-2022 Home Kit

The PSG 21-22 home kit is the first to be "made by Jordan and not by Nike" (Jordan brand is owned by Nike). Previously, only PSG's third shirts featured the Jordan logo - the 21-22 PSG third kit will carry the regular Swoosh this year.

The Jordan 21-22 PSG home kit is sponsored by ALL (Accor Live Limitless) and will be worn in the 21-22 Ligue 1.

After a very classic rendition this year, the Jordan PSG 2021-2022 home jersey replaces the classic Hechter with a jacquard application that sees the iconic center stripe and border applied in a tonal way.

The white-red-white stripe still features prominently on the Jordan Paris Saint-Germain 21-22 home shirt, both on the collar, a simple crew neck, and the sleeve cuffs.

The shorts designed by Jordan are reminiscent of the iconic Chicago Bulls 1996 shorts. The socks are blue with a single hoop, featuring also the Jumpman alongside the text PARIS.

PSG 2021-2022 Away Kit

Predominantly white, the Kits Dream League Soccer 2022 PSG Jordan away jersey features an asymmetric stripe design in black and pink ("Arctic Punch") on the front, inspired by the classic 'Hechter' stripe usually found on the home kit.
The sleeve cuffs continue the asymmetric design: they are pink on the right and black on the left.
The shorts of the Paris Saint-Germain 2021-22 away kit are also white with black logos.
Paris Saint-Germain's 2021-22 away kit was released on July 21st, 2021.
The collection that will be released together with the away kit is inspired by the city of Paris and its name Paname, used in slang for Paris and its suburbs.


Paris Saint Germain Dream League Kits 2021

Paris Saint Germain Logo DLS 2021

paris saint germain logo
Logo PSG 512x512

Kit del PSG para Dream League Soccer 2021

The home kit of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is a blue color with red stripes. There is a logo of Nike because Nike is currently manufacturing the kit of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Home Kit 512×512. 
The new PSG uniform has a clear inspiration from the world of basketball, specifically in the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan and company. 

The Hetcher cane is camouflaged at the base of the shirt, formed by two barely noticeable vertical lines. The red-and-white piping goes on to adorn the round neck and sleeves.

The club's crest appears in its official colors, accompanied by the Jordan logos and sponsors in white. A stamp with the name "Paris", the flag of France, and the logo of the brand sit on the inside of the neck.

Undoubtedly one of the most striking elements of this launch is the shorts of the uniform, whose design also emulates the one that the Bulls used to wear in their golden age, with the sharp edges rising up on the sides and enclosing the shield on one side and the Jumpman over the other. Matching tights complete the kit.
Escodp del PSG para Dream League Soccer 2021
psg 21-22 home kit
DLS 21 Kits PSG

Equipacion del PSG para Dream League Soccer 2021 (away)

The PSG away 2021 kit is dominated by white and has a very fresh look. There are two stripes on the chest that are black and pink. The latter is much broader than the first one. The same combination is used on the collar. To make the design more attractive pink on the right and black on the left are used on the cuffs.
DLS 22 Kits PSG
PSG Away Kit 21/22

Kits de DLS 2022 PSG

psg dls kit 2021
Paris Saint Germain Third Kits

PSG DLS Kit 2021 Jordan (fourth)

kit psg dls 2022
PSG Fourth Nike Jordan Kit DLS 2022

Kit PSG 21-22 GK Home 

psg gk home kit dls 2021
PSG GK Kit home DLS 2021/22

PSG Leaked 2021-2022 Home Kits DLS 2021

psg 21-22 leaked kit
PSG Leaked Kits DLS 21/22

PSG Leaked 2021-2022 Away Kits

psg 21-22 leaked kit
PSG Leaked Kits DLS 21/22

Paris Saint Germain 2020-2021 DLS Kit 2021

psg 20-21 home kit
PSG home kit 20/21

PSG Nike Jordan 2021-2022 DLS Kit 2021

psg 21-22 nike jordan kit
PSG Nike Jordan DLS Kit 2021/22

PSG Nike Jordan 2021-2022 Away Kits  2021

psg 21-22 nike jordan kit
PSG Nike Away

PSG Nike Jordan 2021-2022 Third Kits DLS 2021

psg 21-22 nike kits
PSG Nike Jordan Third Kit

Paris Saint Germain Classic Retro 1990-2010 DLS Kit 2021

PSG 1992 kit de dls 21 PSG

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) Kits 21-22 DLS Kit 22
PSG 1992 home kit

PSG 1994 Home Kit

psg 94 home kit
PSG 1994 home kit

PSG 1994 Away Kit

psg 94 away kit
PSG 1994 away kit

PSG 1995 Home Kit

psg 95 home kit
PSG 1995 home kit

PSG 1995 Away  Kit

psg 95 away kit
PSG 1995 away kit

PSG 1996 Home kit

psg 1996 home kit
PSG 1996 home kit

PSG 2000 Home Kit

psg 2000 home kit
home 2000 PSG Classic Kits 

PSG 2003 Home Kit

psg 2003 home kit
PSG 2003 home kit

PSG 2004 Home Kit

psg 2004 home kit
PSG 2004 home

PSG 2004 Away Kit

psg 2004 away
PSG 2004 away

PSG 2005 Home Kit

psg 2005 home
PSG 2005 home

PSG 2005 Away Kit

psg 2005 away
PSG 2005 away

PSG 2006 Away Kit

psg 2006 away kit
PSG 2006 away

PSG 2012 Home Kit

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) Kits 21-22 DLS Kit 22
PSG 2012 home

DLS 2022 Paris Saint Germain (PSG) Kit Fantasy 


PSG A Kit Fantasy DLS 2021

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) Kits 21-22 DLS Kit 22
PSG Kit  Fantasy 1 DLS 22

PSG Fantasy DLS Kit 2021-2022

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) Kits 21-22 DLS Kit 22
PSG Kit Fantasy 2

PSG Kit DLS Fantasy 2021

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) Kits 21-22 DLS Kit 22
PSG Kit Fantasy 3

PSG Kit Fantasy 2 DLS Kit 2022

psg kit 2021 dls kit 21
PSG Kit Fantasy 4

PSG Kit Fantasy 3 DLS Kit 2021

psg kit dls 2021
PSG Kit fantasy 5

PSG Kit Fantasy 4 DLS Kit 2021

paris kit dls
PSG DLS Kit 2021/22

PSG Kit Fantasy 5 DLS Kit 2021

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) Kits 21-22 DLS Kit 22
PSG Kit Fantasy 6

PSG Kit 21-22 DLS Kit 21

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) Kits 21-22 DLS Kit 22
PSG Kit Fantasy 7

PSG Kit 21-22

gold psg dls kit 2021
PSG Kit Fantasy 9

PSG Kit Fantasy DLS 2021

psg kit fantasy dls 2021
PSG Kit Fantasy 9

PSG Kit Fantasy

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) Kits 21-22 DLS Kit 22
DLS 2021 Kit PSG Fantasy 10

Kit PSG Fantasy DLS 2022 Update

Fantasy 1


Kit Fantasy 2


Kit Fantasy 3


Kit Fantasy 4


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