Bayern Munich Kits 21/22 DLS 22

Bayern Munich Kits 21/22 DLS 22
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Bayern Munchen Kits 21-22 for Dream League Soccer 2021. The package complete included home, away, GK Home, GK away, and Logo Bayern Munchen PNG 512x512.


DLS 2021 Bayern Munchen Pre-match and training kits 21/22

FC Bayern Munchen 21-22 Dream League Soccer Kits 2021

The Adidas Bayern München Kits 2021-22

After last season's shirt introduced a modern look in red and white, the Adidas Bayern DLS kit 2022 is quite different - combining the club's usual 'FCB True Red" with "Craft Red". White is used for the logos and accents.

Bayern's 21-22 home kit is the first and only this season to feature the new fifth star, awarded after the club won their 30th Bundesliga title.
The main part of the FC Bayern München 2021-2022 kit is red whilst 'Craft Red' is used for the sleeves as well as a 'V' shape on the chest. The collar is based on the Condivo 20 template.
Craft Red shorts and socks round off the look of the new Bayern München Kit DLS 21-22 home uniform by Adidas.
The Adidas Bayern München 2021-22 away football shirt is mainly black. The accent color of the Adidas Bayern Munich 2021-22 away football kit is gold-metallic.
The back of the FC Bayern 21-22 away kit is plain black, with the same gold metallic used for the player names and numbers. The upper back of the jersey boasts the Munich coat of arms rather than the Mia san mia text we've become so accustomed to over the years. The Munich flag and coat of arms also inspired the colorway of the whole shirt, although the black and gold are slightly different from the black and yellow of the flag.
The design of the kit is simple yet modern. It comes with a dotted lozenge graphic on the front.

What makes the kit outstanding is a mountain graphic design. The alpine print shows off the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, located to the south of Munich. This graphic appears on the front and sleeves of the jersey, whilst the back is plain white.
The Adidas Bayern München 21-22 third football shirt is white with "Active Red" and "Night Navy" applications. The Adidas logo is two-colored, red and navy - inspired by the 1990s EQT series.
Inspired by the logo style, the numbers on the Bayern 2021-22 third jersey are red, and the player names navy. Also interestingly, the shirt will feature Audi's logo on the sleeves rather than Qatar Airways's, at least in the Champions League. In case you missed it, the UCL will allow sleeve sponsors starting this season.
The shorts of the FC Bayern 2021-22 third kit are white. The socks are also why but come with the same pattern as the shirt.


The Adidas Bayern München 2021-22 Kit DLS 2021

Bayern Munich October Fest

kit dls 2021 bayern muenchen

Bayern Munchen 2021-2022 Home Kit

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Bayern Munchen 2021-22 Home Kit 2

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Bayern Munchen 2021-22 Away Kit

bayern munich kit 2021 away dls kit 2021

Bayern Munchen 3rd kit

bayern third kit 2021 dls kit 2021

Bayern Munchen 2021-2022 GK Home Kit

Bayern München 2021-22 Kit

Bayern Munchen 2021-2022 GK Away

Bayern München 2021-22 Kit dls 2022

Bayern Munchen Logo PNG

bayern munchen logo png

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Bayern München 2021-22 Kit dls kit 22

Bayern Munich Kits Fantasy Dream League Soccer kits 2021

Bayern Munich Kit 1


bayern munich kit dls 21

Bayern Munich 2


Bayern München 2021-22 Kit dls kit 22

Bayern Munich Kits 3


Bayern München 2021-22 Kit dls kit 22

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Bayern München 2021-22 Kit dls kit 22
DLS Kits Bundesliga DLS Kits Season 21-22

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