Juventus Dream League Soccer Kit 21

Juventus Dream League Soccer Kit 21
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 The Adidas Juventus 2021-22 jersey brings back the classic black and white stripes after two years of less than ideal renditions - first the half-and-half design of last season and later the brushstroke stripes of 2020-21.

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The last Juventus jersey to feature rather classic stripes was the 2018-19 shirt.

The Juventus 21-22 away jersey introduces an interesting new look for the club. It's all-black with white logos on the front.

It is the first black Juventus jersey since the 2018-19 season when they had a black third jersey. With Adidas, they only had another black jersey in addition to the black/yellow 18-19 third - in their debut season 2015-16 (black and gold).

Featuring an outstanding design, the Adidas Juventus 21-22 third jersey combines a yellow base ('Shock Yellow') with 'Hi-res Blue' and white. The front and lower back of the shirt features blue and yellow blocks of color, with a pair of chevrons towards the lower part of the shirt standing out in particular.

The Juventus 21-22 leaked kit for Dream League Soccer and the package is complete with home, away, third, and GK Home. Let us Copy and paste the URL below into the Game!

Juventus 21-22 Kit Dream League Soccer 2021

Juventus Home 2021 Leaked 

kit juventus 21 dls kit 2021

Juventus Home Kit 2021-2022 by Nike

kit juventus 21 dls kit 2021

Juventus Away

juventus away kit

Juventus Third

kit juventus 21 dls kit 2021

Juventus Third Kits

juventus third kit dls 2021

Juventus GK Home

GK Home kit juventus 21 dls kit 2021

Kits Juventus Retro Classics Dream League Soccer 2021

Kits Juventus Away 2000 

dls 21 kit juventus 2000

Kits Juventus Home 2001 by Macron

dls kit juventus 2001

Kit Juventus Home 2004 by Nike

juventus 2004 kit dls 2022

Kit Juventus Away 2004

kit juventus 21 dls kit 2021

Kit Juventus Third 2004

dls kit juventus 2004

Kit Juventus Home 2005

juventus 2005 nike kit dls 2021

Kit Juventus Away 2005 by Nike

juventus dls kit 2021

Kit Juventus 2005 GK by Nike

dls juventus kit 2005

Kit Juventus Away 2007 by Nike

dls juventus kit 2007

Kit Juventus 2010 GK by Nike

dls kit juventus gk 2010

Kit Juventus 2011 GK by Nike

kit dls juventus 2011

Kit Juventus Retro Classic 1995 Away by Kappa

kappa kit dls juventus 1995

Kit Juventus Home 1997 by Kappa

dls kit juventus kappa 1997

Kit Juventus Home 1999 by Kappa

juventus kappa 1999 dls 2021

Juventus Home 2003 DLS 2021


kit juventus 21 dls kit 2021

Juventus Away DLS 2021

dls kit juventus 2003

GK Home Kit Juventus 2003


Kits Juventus 2013 DLS 2021

kit juventus 2013 dls 2021

Kit Juventus 2013 DLS 2021

dls kit juventus

Kit Juventus 2020 DLS 21

kit juventus 21 dls kit 2021

Kit Juventus 2020 Home DLS 2021

kit dls juventus

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CLASSIC KITS DLS KIT ITALIA SERIE A Juventus Dream League Soccer Kits

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