Kits Ajax Amsterdam DLS 2024

Dream League Soccer Kits - Ajax Amsterdam inspired by the 1993-94 kit by the looks of it, it is believed to be in recognition of the "Super Invincible

Dream League Soccer Kits - Ajax Amsterdam inspired by the 1993-94 kit by the looks of it, it is believed to be in recognition of the "Super Invincible" squad of 1995. Although Ajax only lost one game in the cup tournament, the club won the Eredivisie and Champions League without losing a single match in the 1994-95 term.

The polo collars are also an indication of the design language of the 90s.

In terms of prices, you will be looking to shell out around £80 ($100) for the new Ajax 2024-25 home kit, similar to last year.

Once again, according to leaks by Footy Headlines, the visuals depict Adidas' new Ajax 2024-25 to be reportedly inspired by iconic Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh’s world-famous “Starry Night” painting.

So if the "Starry Night" kit is not launched on Sunday, May 19, in Vitesse, it may even be before the club's new home kit is launched - or together.

Away kit

It is set to be mainly "Crew Blue," with a bit of "Pulse Yellow" for the logos. "Crew Blue" is a denim-blue colour, while "Pulse Yellow" is a very light fluo-yellow.

The Ajax 2024-25 away kit that is based on the new Tiro 24 template and also used for all 2024 national team kits will cost in the region of £80 ($100).

Third kit

As per the alleged design of Ajax's new third kit for 2024-25, Adidas will employ a geometric pattern on both the front and the back.

The three crosses that will appear on the back of the neck are taken right out of the Amsterdam flag.

However, unlike the Adidas 2024-25 'Elite' third kits, the new Ajax third kit would not get the classic Trefoil logo and instead see the contemporary Adidas mark.

Third kits tend to be officially launched in August and the price range will be the same as the home and away jerseys.

Adidas Ajax Amsterdam 2024/25 DLS Kits 2024

Home kit
Adidas Ajax Amsterdam 2024/25 DLS Kits 2024
Adidas Ajax Amsterdam 2024/25 DLS Kits 2024
Third kit
Adidas Ajax Amsterdam 2024/25 DLS Kits 2024

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