Jogarbola Vietnam Kits 24/25 DLS24

 For the 2024/25 season, Jogarbola, the Vietnamese football club, introduces its home, away, and goalkeeper kits for Dream League Soccer 2024 (DLS24), reflecting the nation's rich footballing culture and the club's identity. Here's a breakdown of each kit:

1. Home Kit:

   - Design: The home kit for Jogarbola in the 2024/25 season features the vibrant red color, symbolizing passion, courage, and the spirit of Vietnamese football. The jersey incorporates traditional elements with modern design aesthetics, such as intricate patterns inspired by Vietnamese cultural motifs.

   - Sponsor: The main sponsor logo is prominently displayed on the front of the jersey, supporting the team's financial stability and representing its partnerships.

   - Manufacturer: The manufacturer logo is featured on the jersey, signifying the brand's collaboration with Jogarbola for the design and production of the kit.

   - Additional Details: The home kit may include red shorts and socks to complete the traditional red and white ensemble, providing players with a cohesive and visually appealing look on the pitch.

2. Away Kit:

   - Design: The away kit for Jogarbola in the 2024/25 season offers a contrast to the home kit, typically featuring a predominantly white color scheme. The jersey may include subtle red accents or patterns to maintain ties with the club's identity while offering a fresh and distinctive look.

   - Sponsor: Similar to the home kit, the away kit features the main sponsor logo on the front of the jersey, ensuring consistent branding across all kits.

   - Manufacturer: The manufacturer logo is displayed on the jersey, showcasing the partnership between Jogarbola and the sportswear brand responsible for producing the kit.

   - Additional Details: The away kit may be complemented with white shorts and socks, providing players with versatility in their attire for various match situations and environments.

3. Goalkeeper Kit:

   - Design: The goalkeeper kit for Jogarbola in the 2024/25 season typically features a unique color scheme distinct from the outfield player kits. Common choices may include shades of green, yellow, or orange, providing goalkeepers with visibility and differentiation on the pitch.

   - Sponsor: The goalkeeper kit may feature the main sponsor logo, similar to the outfield player kits, contributing to the club's revenue generation and brand exposure.

   - Manufacturer: The manufacturer logo is present on the goalkeeper kit, highlighting the brand's involvement in producing high-quality attire for Jogarbola players.

   - Additional Details: The goalkeeper kit may include padded elements for protection and grip, tailored specifically to meet the needs of goalkeepers during matches and training sessions.

Overall, the Jogarbola kits for the 2024/25 season in DLS24 represent a blend of tradition, innovation, and national pride, reflecting the club's commitment to excellence and its place within Vietnamese football culture.

Kit DLS Vietnam 2024 Jogarbola



Kit DLS Vietnam 2024 Jogarbola


Kit DLS Vietnam 2024 Jogarbola
Kit DLS Vietnam 2024 Jogarbola

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