Corinthians 24-25 DLS Kits 2024/FTS Kits Full Updated

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 Dream League Soccer Kits - Corinthians 24-25 DLS24 Kits, home, away, third, Training, Pre-match, and GK.

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Corinthians 2024-25 Jerseys: A Stylish Blend of Tradition and Modernity


The Corinthians Football Club, one of Brazil’s most iconic teams, has unveiled its new jerseys for the 2024-25 season. These kits pay homage to the club’s rich history while incorporating contemporary design elements. Let’s dive into the details of each jersey:

1. Home Kit

Design and Features

The home kit maintains the classic black-and-white stripes that have defined Corinthians for decades. However, this season, the stripes are slightly wider, giving the jersey a bold and dynamic look.

The collar features a V-neck design, reminiscent of the club’s traditional kits from the past.

The sleeves showcase a subtle embossed pattern inspired by the iconic São Jorge (Saint George) symbol, representing courage and strength.

Material and Comfort

The jersey is crafted from lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric to keep players comfortable during intense matches.

Ventilation panels on the sides enhance breathability, allowing players to perform at their best.

2. Away Kit

Design and Features

The away kit introduces a fresh color palette: deep blue with accents of gold. This combination symbolizes the club’s ambition and determination.

The jersey features a subtle gradient effect from top to bottom, creating a modern and sleek appearance.

The club crest and sponsor logos are elegantly embroidered in gold thread.

Material and Comfort

Similar to the home kit, the away jersey prioritizes comfort and performance. Players can move freely without feeling restricted.

3. Third kit

The Corinthians third kit for the 2024/25 season has been leaked, and it features a design that pays tribute to the fight against racism. The kit is designed with black and white stripes, inspired by Nike's famous anti-racism kits from the 2004-05 season. A notable feature of the kit is the upside-down Nike Swoosh, which is a new design element for Nike's 24-25 third kits. Inside the collar, there's a special badge for the fight against racism. The kit is expected to be available from August 2024.

The Corinthians 2024-25 anthem jacket will have a reverse colorway to the third kit, with the main black color and white accents, featuring the upside Swoosh and a unique half-and-half Corinthians crest design.

Do you like the new design and the message it carries? It's certainly a bold statement from the club and Nike.

4. Goalkeeper Kit

Design and Features

The goalkeeper kit stands out with its vibrant neon green color. Goalkeepers need to be noticed, and this jersey ensures just that.

The sleeves incorporate hexagonal patterns, representing the goalkeeper’s agility and reflexes.

The neckline features a high collar for added protection during dives and saves.

Material and Comfort

Goalkeepers require flexibility, and the jersey’s stretchy fabric allows unrestricted movement.

The padded elbows provide extra cushioning for dives and dives.


The Corinthians 2024-25 jerseys blend tradition, innovation, and functionality. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, these kits are sure to turn heads both on and off the pitch. As the team aims for glory, the jerseys will be a symbol of their journey. Get ready to see the players donning these stylish kits in action!

Kit DLS 2019/FTS Kits Corinthians 2024/25

Home kit 1

Kit DLS 2019/FTS Kits Corinthians 2024/25
Home kit 2

Kit DLS 2019/FTS Kits Corinthians 2024/25
Away kit 1

Kit DLS 2019/FTS Kits Corinthians 2024/25
Away kit 2

Kit DLS 2019/FTS Kits Corinthians 2024/25
Third kit

Kit DLS 2019/FTS Kits Corinthians 2024/25

Corinthians 2024-25 home and away kit Updated

Corinthians 24-25 Third kit
Corinthians 24-25 DLS Kits 2024 Full Updated
Fourth Kit
Corinthians 24-25 DLS Kits 2024 Full Updated

Logo Corinthians 512x512
Corinthians 24-25 DLS Kits 2024 Full Updated
Away kit
Corinthians 24-25 DLS Kits 2024 Full Updated

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Corinthians 24-25 DLS Kits 2024
Pramatch kit 2024

Training Kits 2024

Away kit

Corinthians 24-25 DLS Kits 2024

Corinthians 24-25 DLS Kits 2024
2024 Corinthians GK1
GK 2
GK 3

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