CD Palestino 2024 Capelli Sport DLS Kits 2024

dls kits 2024 CD Palestino 2024 Capelli Sport Home, Away, and Third Kits

 CD Palestino 2024 Capelli Sport Home, Away, and Third Kits

Club Deportivo (CD) Palestino, a team competing in Chile’s Primera División, has recently unveiled their 2024 playing wardrobe. Let’s take a closer look at their striking kits:

Home Kit:

The home shirt is predominantly white, adorned with stylized red and green striping. It proudly represents the club’s origins and ties to modern Palestine.

The design subtly pays homage to the Palestinian community that founded CD Palestino in 1920, which now boasts over 500,000 members.

The white home jersey is a symbol of unity and pride for the team and its supporters.

Away Kit:

The away jersey features a black base with intricate keffiyeh patterning. This design further emphasizes the club’s connection to Palestine.

The keffiyeh pattern is a nod to the traditional Palestinian scarf, often associated with solidarity and resistance.

Third Kit:

CD Palestino’s third kit draws inspiration from Celtic FC’s “Green Brigade” supporters group. It incorporates elements from Celtic’s famous green and white hoops.

By doing so, the club continues to express its unwavering support for Palestinian causes.

Goalkeeper Kits:

The goalkeeper shirts also follow the same theme, with red and green variations.

These kits not only represent CD Palestino’s identity but also serve as a powerful statement of solidarity. As the team steps onto the field, they carry with them the spirit of their community and a commitment to raising awareness about Palestine.

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CD Palestino 2024 Capelli Sport DLS Kits 2024

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