The Best Free Logo Makers: Tools to Create Your Own Logo

In this article, we’ll look at a list of the best free logo maker tools you can use to design a high-quality, professional looking logo – without the


The Best Free Logo Makers: Tools to Create Your Own Logo

Your logo doesn’t just represent your store. It represents the mission and vision of your company.

That’s why it’s more than a simple image. A logo is often what customers remember when they think of your brand.

Considering the scope of this seemingly small element of your brand, it might feel like an intimidating challenge to create your logo.

Worry not. 

There are loads of online logo making software tools that can take your logo to the next level, especially if you’re on a shoestring budget. These tools are great whether you’re starting an online store or you’re looking to refresh your existing store. Did you know that creating a free logo is one of the secrets of successful dropshippers? Now you do.

In this article, we’ll look at a list of the best free logo maker tools you can use to design a high-quality, professional looking logo – without the need to learn graphic design or hire a designer. Note that all of these tools are cloud-based software, so don’t need to download or install anything in order to use them. 


While the logo itself doesn’t have to be complex, it’s worth putting a bit of thought and effort into it. Thanks to Shopify’s free online logo maker Hatchful, that doesn’t mean spending days scratching your head or trying to learn graphic design in a week. Maximizing your efficiency with this tool will let you focus on the bigger of running your business.

Hatchful is pretty simple to use, and lets you customize your logo based on your preferences. Just choose your business space, then pick a visual style to inform the logo maker about your preferences. 

Hatchful will now create a range of logos for you to choose from. Select the logo that fits your needs best, and edit it as much as your heart desires. You can play around with the font, color, icon, and layout until you’re happy with the result.

Price: Free.

Hostinger Logo Maker

Hostinger's logo maker helps you turn your creative ideas into reality. You’ll be able to customize every element of your logo, from icon to size and text. 

You can design your logo for free in four easy steps. All you need to do to use this logo creator is enter your brand name, choose a template, and then customize your logo until you’re satisfied with the results. Then download it and get rolling.

Price: Free.


You may know Canva as a social media tool, but it can also be used to create a logo. Canva has a drag-and-drop interface, which is great for those who have no design expertise. It’s a simple process to create your logo with over 100 templates to choose from. 

You enter the name of your company to get started, and answer a few simple questions to customize your logo search. You’ll be asked about the industry, and to pick your style from a wide variety of different style templates (based on the industry that you picked). 

The best part is the logo will be high resolution at no extra charge. Yet another great free logo creator that doesn’t require any design experience.

Plus point: You can even download their app and design your logo straight on your phone.

Price: Free.

Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker allows you to add text and symbols. What sets them apart from other online logo makers is that you can also upload your own images. This logo generator also lets you add your finalized logo to business cards by providing a number of templates.

Price: You can download your logo in the 500px size for free, but for the high-resolution logo you have to pay $49. 


This software is still considered a prototype, but an awesome one in fact. First, you enter the name of your company. MarkMaker then generates lots of logo options. 

You can “heart” the type of logos you like as well as select the kind of industry your company falls under. This free logo creation software learns over time what options you like, so be sure to “heart” all the potential logos you can. 

Once you find one you like, hover your mouse over the logo and click the pencil icon to edit the logo to your liking. You can download it when you’re done. 

Price: Free, but they give you an option to chip in $3 or $5 if you like!


Vectr is like a more basic version of GIMP. You don’t need design experience to use this logo design software, but know that it is a bit more advanced than the options mentioned above. 

What’s really cool about this program is that you can work online or download the program to your computer for free. It even has live editing, so you can collaborate or share your progress with a team. 

The files you create will all be high resolution, at no extra charge. They have a helpful user guide and tutorials if you need them.

Price: Free.

Design Free Logo

Design Free Logo is an example of a 3D logo maker that allows your logo to pop on screen. You can choose from several logo templates (eight pages worth). 

Logos range from puzzle pieces to earth logos to help you find something that best represents your brand. Using the 3D logo maker allows you to stand out from your competitors with a unique look and feel to your logo.

Price: Prices are listed on each individual logo, but most of them are free.

Adobe Express Logo Maker

Adobe Express logo maker allows you to make your own business logo free of cost. With a hint of magic and dash of science, it can present a vast range of creative options for your new logo.. It has four styles and hundreds of icons for you to choose from. 

The tool lets you choose your own design and edit the colors, fonts, and texts. If you need  to print cards or print your logo out, you can also buy the free logo maker files and get unlimited access. 

Price: Free.

Bonus: Additional Free Logo Designing Tools to Make Your Own Logo

LogoScopic Studio is another logo design application that’s free, user-friendly, and downloads the file straight to your phone. Keep in mind that this is only for Apple users… sorry Android fam.

Logo Design is another logo maker tool for those looking for drag-and-drop features but with the flexibility of custom graphic design software. offers money for value with 5000+ designs in a specific category – just look under the Gallery tab.

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