Kits DLS FC Barcelona 23/24 DLS-FTS

Kit DLS FC Barcelona 23/24 Updated: FC Barcelona 2024-25 Kit Leaks, Pre-match & training kit 23/24, included with the home, away, third, GK home, and GK away for DLS 2023.

DLS Kits 2023 Barcelona FC

I see that you are interested in FC Barcelona 512x512 PNG dream league soccer kits. These are custom kits that you can import and use in the Dream League Soccer game to customize your team’s appearance. 

Dream League Soccer, or DLS, is one of the most popular mobile football games in the world. It allows players to create and manage their own teams, and customize their kits, logos, stadiums, and more. DLS also features realistic gameplay, online multiplayer mode, and various tournaments and events.

One of the most appealing aspects of DLS is the ability to import custom kits and logos from other sources. These kits are designed by fans and users who want to express their creativity and support their favorite teams. DLS kits are usually based on the official uniforms of real-life football clubs, national teams, or other organizations. However, some kits are also inspired by fictional characters, celebrities, or personal preferences.

FC Barcelona Jersey 2023-24 Description

The Barcelona FC jersey for the 2023-24 season is a tribute to the club's history, identity, and style. It has the following features:

- The home kit is based on the traditional Blaugrana colors of blue and scarlet, with a vertical stripe pattern that varies in width and intensity. The design is inspired by the club's DNA, which reflects its values, culture, and playing philosophy. The kit also has a light aqua color on the sleeve cuffs and the collar, which represents inspiration and creativity. The home kit is available in both stadium and match versions, with the latter being the same as the one worn by the players on the pitch¹⁵.

- The away kit is predominantly white, with red and blue stripes on the sleeve cuffs. The design is a homage to Johan Cruyff, the legendary player and coach who developed Barça's unique playing style. The kit is based on the second kit worn by the team in the 1970s when Cruyff led them to their first league title in 14 years. The away kit also has a Spotify logo on the front, as the club's main sponsor³⁴.

- The third kit is a light aqua color, which is also considered an expression of inspiration and creativity. It has a full background weave in Blaugrana, evoking the club's DNA. The kit also features the logos of the club's other partners, such as Ambilight TV, Bimbo, and UNHCR/ACNUR. The third kit is worn by the football first teams, as well as the basketball, handball, futsal, and roller hockey teams¹.

The Barcelona FC jersey for the 2023-24 season is a groundbreaking and innovative look that showcases the club's spirit and energy. It is made from 100% recycled polyester plastic bottles, which are melted to obtain a fine thread that produces a high-performance fabric. The jersey is also designed to fit the body shape and movement of the players, enhancing their comfort and performance. The jersey is available for purchase from the club's online store and various points of sale around the world.

To import a custom kit or logo in DLS, players need to have a URL that links to the image file of the kit or logo. These URLs can be found on various websites that offer DLS kits and logos for free download. 

How to Import Kits Barcelona FC in DLS Game

To import a custom kit or logo from these websites, players need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the DLS app and go to the My Club section.
  • Tap on the Customize Team button and then on the Edit Kit option.
  • Choose the kit type (home, away, third, or goalkeeper) and then tap on the Download button.
  • Paste the URL of the kit or logo that you want to import and then tap on the Confirm button.
  • Wait for the image to load and then tap on the Yes button to apply the changes.

By following these steps, players can easily import any custom kit or logo that they like and enjoy playing DLS with their own style and flair. DLS kits and logos are a fun and creative way to enhance the gaming experience and show off your passion for football.

Best Barcelona Players in DLS Games

If you are looking for advice on the best Barcelona players in DLS games, you may want to consider the following factors:

- **Rating**: This is the overall score that reflects the player's ability and potential in the game. The higher the rating, the better the player. You can check the rating of each player in the game or on the websites that provide DLS kits and logos.

- **Position**: This is the role that the player plays on the field, such as goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, or forward. You should choose the players that suit your preferred formation and tactics. You can also switch the positions of some players in the game to optimize their performance.

- **Skills**: These are the special abilities that the player has, such as dribbling, passing, shooting, tackling, or saving. You should look for players who have the skills that match your playing style and strategy. You can also improve the skills of your players by training them in the game.

- **Form**: This is the current condition and morale of the player, which affects their performance in the game. You should monitor the form of your players and rotate them accordingly. You can also boost the form of your players by winning matches, scoring goals, or using items in the game.

Based on these factors, some of the best Barcelona players in DLS games are:

- **Lionel Messi**: He is the captain and star of Barcelona and one of the best players in the world. He has a rating of 100 in the game, and he can play as a forward or a midfielder. He has amazing skills in dribbling, passing, shooting, and free kicks. He is also in great form, as he scored 41 goals and assisted 14 in the 2022-23 season.

- **Pedri**: He is a young and talented midfielder, who has a rating of 88 in the game. He can play as a central, attacking, or defensive midfielder. He has excellent skills in passing, vision, and creativity. He is also in good form, as he was one of the best players in the Euro 2020, where he helped Spain reach the semi-finals.

- **Marc-André ter Stegen**: He is a reliable and experienced goalkeeper, who has a rating of 90 in the game. He can play as a sweeper-keeper or a shot-stopper. He has superb skills in saving, reflexes, and distribution. He is also in decent form, as he kept 15 clean sheets and made 97 saves in the 2022-23 season.

These are some of the best Barcelona players in DLS games, but you can also explore other options and find your own favorites. You can also create your own custom kits and logos for Barcelona using the tools and templates that are available online.

Kit DLS Barcelona 24-25 (Prediction)

FC Barcelona home kit 2024-25

Kit DLS FC Barcelona 23/24
FC Barcelona 24-25 away kit

Kit DLS FC Barcelona 23/24
Third kit

Kit DLS FC Barcelona 23/24

DLS Kits FC Barcelona Pre-Match & Training 

FC Barcelona El Classico Match Kits by The Rolling Stone


Barcelona 23/24 Kits - DLS 23 - DLS/FTS Kits

Barcelona Pre Match 23-24 DLS kit 23


Barcelona Pre Match 23-24 DLS kit 23

Pre-match 23/24 B


FC Barcelona Pre-Match & Training Kits DLS 23

Prematch 23/24 A


Barcelona 23/24 Kits - DLS 23 - DLS/FTS Kits
Training kit 22/23 


FC Barcelona Pre-Match & Training Kits DLS 23
Training kit 22/23 b


FC Barcelona Pre-Match & Training Kits DLS 23
Training kit 23/24


Training Coach kit 22/23


FC Barcelona Pre-Match & Training Kits DLS 23
Training Coach 23/24

Barcelona 23/24 DLS 2023 Kits

Third Kit Updated


Barcelona 23/24 DLS 2023 Kits

home 23/24


Barcelona 23/24 Kits - DLS 23 - DLS/FTS Kits


Barcelona 23/24 Kits - DLS 23 - DLS/FTS Kits
Third V 1


Barcelona 23/24 Kits - DLS 23 - DLS/FTS Kits
Third kit v 2

Barcelona 23/24 Kits - DLS 23 - DLS/FTS Kits
FC Barcelona 4th kit 23/24

Barcelona 23/24 Kits - DLS 23 - DLS/FTS Kits

GK 1


Barcelona 23/24 Kits - DLS 23 - DLS/FTS Kits
GK 2
Barcelona 23/24 Kits - DLS 23 - DLS/FTS Kits

Barcelona 23/24 DLS Kits 2019/FTS

Barcelona home kit

DLS 2019 Kits Barcelona away


Barcelona 23/24 Kits - DLS 23 - DLS/FTS Kits

GK 1

Barcelona for First-Time Visitors with Free Things to Do, Barcelona, Spain (B)

Besides being a fan of Spanish football… umm… soccer according to my American friends, I am also a fan of Spain. Its food, people, and architecture are among the many reasons I love the place. So in late 2018, we will be heading to Spain, Barcelona in particular and this is what we have discovered about that city during our research. We also included a list of free things to do in Barcelona.

Honestly, I don't think you can go to Spain and not visit Barcelona. It is not the capital city but is one of the most interesting places to check out while in Spain. It is also Catalonia's biggest city and one of Spain's most populated municipalities. Barcelona accommodates about 2 million people within its city boundaries. However, its urban area stretches beyond its administrative units and is home to more than 4 million people. Interesting architecture covers Barcelona's landscape. A tour of this city is an experience we can't wait to have.

Ever heard of white elephants? Well, this is not exactly one of them, but it has been under construction since the 19th century! It may take another century to complete this monstrous basilica. You will find it on Calle Mallorca. Consult your guide for opening hours since they keep changing. Remember to arm yourself with some dollars since donations are collected in exchange for entry. ...... (follow the instructions below to access the rest of this article).
Barcelona Introduction Walking Tour (Self-Guided), Barcelona
According to legend, Barcelona was founded by mythological Greek hero Hercules on one of his expeditions, when his boats were hit by a storm. The first 8 boats managed to escape without damage, but the 9th one was lost at sea. Hercules found his lost friends some days later on the coast, all safe and sound. The crew was taken by the beauty of the coastal landscape, and so they decided to stay. It was there, on that coast that Hercules and his men founded a city which they called “Barca Nona” or the “Ninth Ship”.

Somewhere around the year 15 BC, the Romans established a military camp here, on the hill adjacent to the contemporary city hall. Back in the Middle Ages, Barcelona merged with the Kingdom of Aragon to become its economic and administrative center and, later on, became the capital of the Principality of Catalonia. During that period Barcelona established itself as an economic and political center of the Western Mediterranean. The city's Gothic Quarter bears witness to the splendor enjoyed by the city between the 13th and 15th centuries.

Today, Barcelona is an important cultural hub and a true tourist mecca renowned, among other virtues, for its architecture. The works of Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The abundance of world-class architecture, museums, historic venues, and ample shopping and dining opportunities, complete with the picturesque Mediterranean Sea, draw millions of visitors to Barcelona each year.

On this self-guided city introduction walking tour, we are going to visit the city's major landmarks, such as the Columbus Monument, La Boqueria Market, La Rambla, Barcelona Cathedral, Casa Batllo, La Sagrada Família as well as pass through the historic Gothic Quarter.
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