How to Track Lost Cellphone with IMEI + Application, Privacy Guaranteed & More Secure!

How to Track Lost Cellphone with IMEI + Application, Privacy Guaranteed & More Secure!

How to track a lost cellphone with IMEI is said to be one of the most accurate ways to track a cellphone when you lose your cellphone.

How to Track Lost Cellphone with IMEI + Application, Privacy Guaranteed & More Secure!

Every cellphone that we buy officially and authentically must have an IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity consisting of 15 or 16-digit numbers. Well, the function of IMEI is as an identification number for a cell phone.

Thanks to this function, you can search for a lost or stolen cell phone and make your cellphone no longer usable by the person who has it now. How to do? Listen carefully, yes!

What is IMEI?

IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a special identity number issued by the GSM Association (GSMA) for each GSM card slot issued by the Phone manufacturer.

The IMEI identification number usually consists of 15-16 digit numbers, where one of the serial numbers contains information on the type of HP. Given its unique nature, the IMEI code number will not be the same as other HP users.

That's why IMEI can also be used to track a lost cellphone. For more information, Jaka has written a complete article about the functions and uses of IMEI which can be read via the banner below.

How to Check Phone IMEI

Before tracking a lost cellphone, you must first know the IMEI number of your cellphone. There are 3 ways you can try. Here's the explanation.

How to Check Phone IMEI via USSD Dial Code

First, you can check the IMEI via the USSD code entered in the Dial application on the smartphone. The steps are not much different, such as checking credit or internet quota, you know.

Here's a guide to checking IMEI via the USSD dial code:

  1. Open the Dial menu.
  2. Type * #06# .
  3. Get a pop-up message showing the IMEI number.

How to Check Phone IMEI via Settings Menu

Another way that you can use is to check it directly in the Settings menu on your cellphone. This method is a little more complicated but you can immediately get your IMEI number.

Here's a guide to checking IMEI via the Settings Menu:

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Tap About Phone > Status > IMEI.

How to Check HP IMEI via Cellphone Physical

Another simpler way is to look at the IMEI number directly on the physical or cellphone box. That's why never throw away the HP box the first time you buy it.

On cellphones with removable battery types, you can see it when you remove the battery. As for the type of cellphone with a non-removable battery like most now, usually the IMEI number will be written directly on the back of the body.

For more information on how to check IMEI on Android or iPhone, you can read Jaka's full article in the banner below.

How to Track Lost Cellphone with IMEI

If you really want to track down a lost cellphone using IMEI, you will need a long time because you have to get a certificate from the authorities.

What is the letter for? Well, the letter will be used as a request to the telecommunications provider to track your lost cellphone.

This is because every cellphone that has an IMEI number is connected directly to the database of the operator SIM card that you are using.

Of course, how to track a cellphone via IMEI will involve several parties so you have to be patient with the process, but it can be said that this method is safe because your private data will be more protected.

Here's how to track a lost cellphone with IMEI:

  1. Know your mobile IMEI number.
  2. Call the cellular operator, and tell them that you have lost your cellphone and want to track it using IMEI.
  3. You will be asked to make a letter of loss from the police.
  4. Call the local police, and ask for the required paperwork.
  5. Call the call center of the telecommunications provider you are using.
  6. Inform the IMEI number and mobile number of customer service.
  7. You will get the location where your HP is.

There are things you need to remember, that this can only be done if the lost cellphone has an internet connection, and GPS, the cellphone is active, and the SIM card is still there.

If the SIM card has been replaced by the perpetrator who has your cellphone at that time, the location of the cell phone will also not be known.

If your cellphone turns out to be dead, you can read Jaka's article on how to find a lost cellphone that is dead. Good luck, guys!

How to Track HP with Applications

Meanwhile, for those of you who don't mind downloading and using additional applications, you can try this method. There are several applications that you can use to track your cell phone accurately.

Here are some applications to track Phones:

1. Where is My Droid

This Android application can help you find your lost cellphone with advanced features. This application can track the whereabouts of your cell phone via GPS. In addition to location, this application can also provide notifications if the lost phone is in a low battery state.

>>> Download Where My Droid <<<

2. Google Find My Device

This application can help you find a cellphone that has been stolen or lost and allows you to lock it remotely. The purpose of locking the phone remotely is to protect privacy or important data on the device.

>>> Download Google Find My Device <<<

3. Cerberus Anti-Theft

This tracking application has a tracking feature that can make it easier to find out who took your cellphone. This application is also equipped with an alarm feature with a loud ring that will continue to sound even if the phone is set to silent or vibrate mode.

>>> Download Cerberus Anti-Theft <<<

4. Prey: Find My Phone & Security

This application can track your Android phone that is lost or stolen by someone. This application will capture the face or appearance of the thief who is trying to break into the contents of your cell phone and send it to your email.

>>> Download Prey: Find My Phone & Security <<<

5. CrookCatcher - Anti Theft

As the name implies, this application serves to capture the location of the thief who took your phone. This application will take detailed photos of the thief and will send the photos automatically to your email.

>>> Download CrookCatcher - Anti Theft <<<

How to Track Other Lost Cellphones

Have you read the steps to find a cellphone with IMEI above but feel that the method is too complicated to do?

It must be admitted, surely we all need something fast and simple. However, considering the complexity of the bureaucratic process that must be done, many people become lazy and look for shortcuts.

Myself has prepared several articles that you can read, just in case you need a guide to track a lost cellphone. Please click one or both of the banners below.

The final word

That's how to track a cellphone with IMEI which is actually very safe, it's just that you really need to make more effort to do it. You can also use several applications if you find it more practical and easier.

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