Clash Of Clans TH 15: Release Date, Base Defenses, Heroes, More

Supercell has been teasing a massive Town Hall 15 update that will be coming to Clash of Clans soon! Here's everything we know so far!

 Supercell has been teasing a massive Town Hall 15 update that will be coming to Clash of Clans soon! Here's everything we know so far!

Clash Of Clans TH 15: Release Date, Base Defenses, Heroes, More

Supercell released their free-to-play strategy mobile game, Clash of Clans, a decade ago. Since then, they have been gradually building up the Town Hall levels with a new update now and then. Town Hall 15 is just the latest update to land in the game and it's the biggest one to date!

There's a lot to unpack about the release date, theme, base defense, Hero, and building limit. So here's everything we know about Town Hall 15!

Town Hall 15 - Release Date

Town Hall 15 has been released as of October 10, 2022. The update was launched after a brief maintenance update in the Clash of Clans app.

Town Hall 15 - Theme

Clash Of Clans TH 15: Release Date, Base Defenses, Heroes, More

Town Hall 15 will have a magical theme. All buildings, base defenses, and troops will embrace a blue and regal purple color scheme. There are also subtle hints of the purple tones found in Elixir.
While Town Hall 15 does not have a unique signature defensive weapon, its Giga Inferno can be upgraded several times to make it even more powerful than before. But don't worry, we've got a few tricks up our sleeves as you'll see over the coming previews

— Clash of Clans (@ClashofClans) October 5, 2022

Town Hall 15 will not have a unique signature defensive weapon. However, the Town Hall will carry on the Giga Inferno from Town Halls 13 and 14. This time, it "can be upgraded several times to make it even more powerful than before."

Town Hall 15 - Upgrades

Upgrading to Town Hall will cost 18 million Gold and take 15 days for the upgrade to complete.

Besides this, you will be able to upgrade the following buildings:

  • Clan Castle
  • Air Defense
  • Inferno Tower
  • X-Bow
  • Bomb Tower
  • Wizard Tower
  • Mortar
  • Cannon
  • Archer Tower
  • Air bomb
  • Small bomb
  • Army camp
  • Laboratory
  • Spell Factory
  • Barracks
  • Pet House
  • Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir storage
These are the troops and spells you will be able to upgrade:

  • Barbarian
  • Archer
  • Wall breaker
  • Giant
  • Wizard
  • Miner
  • Electro dragon
  • Minion
  • Golem
  • The Witch
  • Lightning spell
  • Heal spell
  • Jump spell
  • Poison spell
  • Bat spell
You will also be able to upgrade each of the four heroes by an additional five levels and walls up to level 16.

Town Hall 15 - New Base Defenses

There will be two new base defenses in Town Hall 15: Spell Tower and Monolith

The Monolith is a single-target base defense that will deal powerful damage to high HP troops. Though the Monolith will deal a certain level of base damage, it will deal bonus damage based on a percentage of the target's max HP if it is targeted again. This base defense will be especially dangerous for tanks such as PEKKA or Heroes.

The Monolith is constructed and upgraded with Dark Elixir. Its maximum level is level 2.

The Spell Tower is a dynamic new base defense that will allow you to equip any three spells such as the Rage spell, Poison spell, or Invisibility spell. The effects of the Rage and Poison spells will benefit your troops and buildings while the Poison spell will negatively affect enemies.

You will be able to place two Spell Towers in your Home Village once you upgrade to Town Hall 15.

Town Hall 15 - New Electro Titan Troop

The Electro Titan is a new Troop introduced in the Town Hall 15 update of Clash of Clans. She has the ability to deal ranged damage to both ground and air enemies with her electrical whip. However, the Electro Titan's true strength comes from her effect aura that will continually damage everything (except walls) around her.

The Electro Titan has the potential to rival the Electro Dragon - the most powerful troop currently available in Clash of Clans. 

Town Hall 15 - Recall Spell

The Recall spell will allow you to remove units from the battlefield. Once removed, you can redeploy these units elsewhere on the battlefield. This magical spell is ideal in situations where you need to save units from lethal enemy defense attacks, reinforce your troops elsewhere, or mislead your enemies and base defenses.

The amount of units that this spell can recall is dictated by the housing space limit of each Recall spell level. Units that can be affected by this spell include Troops, Heroes (which count as 25 housing spaces), and Hero Pets (which count as 20 housing spaces). High housing space units are prioritized by this spell. 'Recalled' units will still retain any damage or status effects that they took before the spell was cast. Units that are not redeployed at the end of the battle will disappear.

Town Hall 15 - New Battle Drill Siege Machine

The Battle Drill is a new single-target, ground siege machine that can be unlocked at level 7 of the Siege Workshop. In battle, the Battle Drill will burrow underground to avoid detection by enemies and base defenses. It will then emerge from the ground to stun and attack its favorite target: base defenses.

Town Hall 15 - New Hero

In a Reddit AMA, Supercell revealed that they are hesitant about adding a new Hero to Clash of Clans with the Town Hall 15 update. This is always an incredibly difficult decision to make as several factors need to be considered, such as the Hero's role in the game and how they would fit into the current gameplay/mechanics.

This is what Supercell had to say about adding a new Hero in Town Hall 15:

We would like to add new Heroes in the future but we also have to keep "simplicity" in mind on how many things need to be deployed for each attack. [...] Does it fill a specific niche? We've got a tank, we've got two ranged Heroes, and a flying one that is also a support one. Do we want a new Hero to be purely air based? Is that even necessary or does it fit within the game mechanics to make it enjoyable? Couple that with the additional factors of the base design, and we don't want to add too many Heroes too quickly.
With the Town Hall 15 update released, we now know that no new Hero will be released.

Town Hall 15 - Hero Pets

Four new Hero Pets will be coming to Clash of Clans in the Town Hall 15 update: Diggy, Frosty, Phoenix, and Poison Lizard.

Town Hall 15 - Building Limit

As it stands, there is a "soft limit" of 100 buildings that can be built in the Home Village. In a Reddit AMA, Darian revealed that we could see changes to buildings such as the Hero altars should Supercell need to cut down on the number of buildings already present in the Home Village:

As we approach the 100 Building "limit" adding another Hero plinth would also make it difficult to add new defenses. So, do we compress them into a "Hero Hall" where you get to choose only 4 Heroes to attack with? But that would also affect how your Defense is chosen as well since the Heroes would either have to all be centered around the Hero Hall or you place them in a manual patrol path around small sections of the base.
Supercell has repeatedly stated that they have tried to stick under 100 buildings so Home Villages don't get too big and complicated. The devs appear to be sticking to this soft limit as they recently announced that they would remove all extra Barracks and Dark Barracks buildings to keep only one of each in the upcoming October update.

With the Town Hall 15 update now released, we can safely say that Supercell is staying with the 100-building soft limit.

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