Adidas supply seven teams in the 2022 World Cup, six less than Nike

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For the 2022 World Cup, Adidas not only introduce new designs but also a new brand logo and a new template.

The designs by Adidas for the 2022 World Cup are made to sell well. So far, there are no controversial kits or exceptionally bold designs.

For the home kits, Adidas opts for traditional colors, while the away kits have fresh approaches.


To be used during the World Cup next year in Qatar, the Germany 2022 home jersey combines a white base with black and metallic gold. The official name of the gold color is "Tactile Gold Metallic". As the name implies, this gold color possesses a metallic appearance.

The Adidas Germany 2022 away jersey is predominantly black with golden logos and accents as well as a subtle maroon graphic covering the front and sleeves.


The Belgium 2022 World Cup home shirt is mainly red with black logos and trim, and features a fire graphic on the sleeves.

An outstanding design, the Belgium 2022 World Cup away kit is white with multicolor detailing, including Adidas and federation logos with a pattern applied to them.


The Adidas Japanese national football team 2022 home shirt is predominantly blue with a subtle graphic covering the front and sleeves. The back is solid blue.

A modern look, the Adidas Japan 2022 World Cup away football shirt is predominantly white with navvy being used for the collar, sleeve cuffs, and Adidas logo.


As expected, the Adidas Spain 2022 home jersey features a red base, making use of the color "Team Power Red". Serving as the secondary color is "Team Navy Blue", which is used for the 3 Stripes on the shoulders as well as the trim on the collar.

The Spain 2022 World Cup away kit is predominantly sky blue with an abstract graphic pattern and 3 Stripes in the colors of the Spanish flags on both shoulders. The Adidas logo, which is placed centrally, as well as trim on the collar, is royal blue.


The stripes on the new Argentina 2022 World Cup home football shirt are classic, but just on the front. The back stripes are truly unusual - rather than featuring the same width, there are two thinner sky blue stripes in the center, with two wider ones on the outside of the shirt. These larger stripes are about three times as wide as the ones in the middle.

The Argentina 2022 World Cup away jersey combines two different shades of purple with silver details, such as the Adidas and federation logos. Officially, the colors are "Legacy Indigo/Purple Rush".


The Adidas Mexico 2022 World Cup home kit is green with white shorts and red socks, bringing back Mexico's iconic colors.

The Adidas Mexico 2022 World Cup away shirt is 'Wonder White', combined with red for the logos and 3 Stripes.


The Adidas Wales 2022 World Cup home jersey has a simple design with a red base color and white Three Stripes on the shoulders. The round neck collar has some white trim and Adidas' new logo is also white. The Wales FA Badge is traditionally positioned on the left side of the chest.

Which of the Adidas 2022 World Cup kits is your favorite so far?

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