Mobile Legends Hero Tips 2022

Mobile Legends currently has 116 heroes. Heroes are the playable characters in ML. Each one possesses unique abilities known as a skill.

nobile legends hero tips 2022

How many heroes are in Mobile Legends 2022?

Mobile Legends currently has 116 heroes. Heroes are the playable characters in ML. Each one possesses unique abilities known as a skill.

What is the best hero for beginners in Mobile Legends?


Mobile Legends Guide for Beginners 2022

List of the Best Mobile Legends Heroes Per Role

Tank — Grock.

Assassin — Fanny.

Marksman — Lesley.

Fighter — Chou.

Mage — Kagura.

Support — Diggie.

Who is the new hero in Mobile Legends 2022?

Hey, I'm Zathong and this share is about new hero mobile legend 2022. 5 Upcoming Mobile Legends' new heroes are Phylax, Yin, Melissa, Xavier, and Chainman.

What hero should I buy in ML 2022?

Best hero in Mobile Legends 2022

Top 1: Granger.

Top 2: Benedetta.

Top 3: Paquito.

Top 4: Esmeralda.

Top 5: Wanwan.

Top 6: Natalia.

Top 7: Floryn.

Top 8: Valentina.

Meta Mobile Legends Heroes for April 2022

Marksman Edith, Granger, Layla, Melissa, Natan, Roger

Mage Valentina, Eudora, Harley, Kagura, Lylia, Pharsa

Support Mathilda

Assassin Aamon, Wukong, Ling, Saber

Who is the strongest mage in Mobile Legends 2022?

Best Mage in Mobile Legends 2022

Top 1: Alice.

Top 2: Esmeralda.

Top 3: Chang'e.

Top 4: Kagura.

Top 5: Zhask.

Who is the strongest marksman in Mobile Legends 2022?

Top 1: Granger.

Top 2: Brody.

Top 5: Hanabi.

Who is the strongest fighter in Mobile Legends 2022?

Best Fighter in Mobile Legends 2022

Top 1: Paquito.

Top 2: Chou.

Top 3: Roger.

Top 4: Guinevere.

Top 5: Phoveus.

What is the easiest ml hero?

1. Miya.

2. Balmond

3. Eudora

4. Tigreal

5. Layla

Who is the hardest hero in ML?

1. Fany

2. Natalia

3. Kagura

4. Gusion

5. Wanwan

How do I make my hands fast in ML?

Your journey to fast-hand starts with trying out, experimenting, and doing a repetition of the movement mechanics of a hero's skill that you want to learn. But it's worth remembering! Nothing is instant. Practice by using the combo slowly and gradually raise your speed.

Who is the king of Lifesteal in ML?

It's no secret that Alucard has become the best Mobile Legends lifesteal hero of all time. This vampire has an extraordinary lifesteal, especially if you activate his ultimate, Alucard doesn't have to worry about running out of HP because his ultimate will increase his lifesteal by 100 percent.

Is Granger worth buying?

Strong From Early Game Until Late Game

Unlike other marksmen in general who are weak in the early game, Granger is very powerful in every condition. He can make enemies die, moreover, he can receive first blood if the timing is right. When Granger has all the items needed, he can defeat the opponent's hero in just a second!

Who has the longest stun in ML?

Khufra. Khufra's stun is quite strong and useful for the team. This is because he has an AoE stun which is very difficult to counter by opponents and is effective anywhere during tight spaces. Not to mention that his stun is easily spammed as the longest stun hero in Mobile Legends (ML).

What hero can defeat the Sun?

The first Counter Sun Hero in Mobile Legends is Fanny which can give you the ability to fly fast, by attacking Sun heroes who have enough shadows, Fanny's Energy will not run out. Using Fanny's second set of skill sets towards Sun by taking advantage of the shadow, Fanny is able to easily deal with the final attack on Sun.

What is the best time to play rank ML?

The best time to do push rank is 8 pm. Even though at 8 pm, it is possible for some noobs to play, there are also many pro players who play especially at Tier Mystic based on the experienced team.

Is Lylia worth buying?

She is a very powerful mage who can dominate both early and late games very easily. Before releasing in the original server she got buffed and after launch, she got nerfed. But now she got buffed again ( skill 1 lower CD). So as an early game damage dealer or as a buff invader, Lylia is a perfect mage to play.

Which hero can counter Kagura?

Kagura counter Heroes

Use assassin, Karina or Hayabusa. Ambush her when she is busy poking enemies. She can't escape far with her umbrella away from her.

Is Kagura hard to use?

Kagura is a hero who has many types of attacks. This one hero has 6 skills that you can use, and you can combine each of these skills well. This ability makes this one hero very difficult to play, but if you manage to master it, Kagura will be very agile and of course have abilities above the average of other heroes.

Who is stronger Hanabi or Miya?

If you pay attention, Hanabi and Miya are both almost the same. However, Miya has more stable damage, because she can increase her attack speed easily. On the other hand, Hanabi can fill blood easily, thanks to her lifesteal skills and areas that can attack many enemies.

Who can counter Fanny?

Minsitthar can counter Fanny because of his ability to give Grounded effects from his ultimate skill. Franco can 'hook' her using 1st skill and if he uses Flicker to his turret or base as well as his allies

Who counters Esmeralda?

Esmeralda counter Items

These items can help you counter Esmeralda. You can use the item Necklace of Durance (For Mage and Support). Sea Halberd, Demon Hunter Sword (For Marksman and other heroes who deal Physical Damage who is Basic Attack) for reducing Esmeralda's Shield.

Who is the easiest assassin in ML?

Saber. Saber is one of the Easy-to-Use Hero Assassins because it has easy-to-understand skills with high damage scaling. Not only that, To try to play as an assassin, Saber can be your first choice.

Who can beat Yin in ML?

Besides Wind of Nature, you Hero Mage or others who need Winter Truncheon can be used to counter Yin's Skill. Additional stats that we will receive are 60 Magic Power, 25 Physical Defense, and 400 HP.

How do you counter Alucard?

Alucard is a very farm-dependent hero. Not let him farm properly. You can easily counter Alucard using the battle spell purify.

Is Uranus a good hero?

Uranus's laning phase is very strong, one of the strongest early game heroes in Mobile legend. His first skill together with his 2nd n passive skills can easily trade hp with enemies and harass them out of your lane.

Is Aldous worth buying?

And yes Aldous is worth buying a hero even though he cost 32K Battle points and Aldous is easy to master he is unstoppable when it is a late game. This is my combo using Aldous first you use his SS but it depends when the enemy is far from you. After you use his SS quickly click his 2nd skill and 1st skill.

Who has the most skins in MLBB?

Currently, Miya has the highest number of skins in Mobile Legends. Even though it is a series with other heroes, there is an upcoming skin for Mobile Legends' birthday which will increase the number of skins to 9 hero skins and 1 painted skin.

Who counters Hayabusa?

Hero Picks to Counter Hayabusa

  • Using fighter heroes with more HP (Jawhead, Sun, Kaja, Paquito, etc.)
  • Using burst damage magic heroes with stuns/disabling skills (Eudora, Cyclops, Aurora, etc.)
  • Using fewer marksman heroes.

How do you counter Aldous?

Aldous' first counter item is Twilight Armor. This item will make it difficult to kill him with your hero, because Twilight Armor can cause an additional 20 and HP 1200 physical damage. The Twilight Armor item also has a unique passive called Defiance.

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