Superliga Argentina Kits 21/22

Superliga Argentina Kits 21/22 DLS 2022 - Liga Profesional will be the 131st season of top-flight professional football in Argentina. The competition will start after the 2021 Copa América.

Argentine Primera Division Logo

Twenty-six teams will compete in the league: the 24 teams that took part in the previous Primera División season as well as two promoted teams from the 2020 Primera Nacional (Sarmiento (J) and Platense). Boca Juniors are the defending champions.

Argentina Primera Division Dream League Soccer Kits 2021

Today I will give you the latest jerseys from several football teams competing in the Argentina Primera Division season 2021-22. 
Although not completely complete, hopefully, it can help you find your favorite Dream League Soccer kit. 
Here is the List Kitpack  Special Argentine Primera Division Kits 2021-22 Dream League Soccer Kit 2021.
  • Aldosivi (Home, Away)
  • Atletico Banfield (home, away, third)
  • Arsenal de Sarandi (home, away, third, GK 1, 2, and GK 3)
  • Boca Juniors (Home, Third)
  • Central Cordoba (Home)
  • Defensa y Justicia (Home, Away, Third, GK Home, GK Away)
  • Estudiantes (home, away, third, GK home, GK away)
  • Gimnasia (Home, Away)
  • Independiente (home, away, GK home, GK away)
  • Lanus (Home, Away, Third, and GK Home
  • Newells Old Boys (Home, away, and GK)
  • Racing Club (home, away, third, GK home, GK away, and GK third))
  • Rosario Central (Home, Away, Third, GK)
  • Union de Santa Fe (Home, away)
  • Velez Sarsfield (home, away)
Get all the kits by copying one of the URLs below into the DLS 2021 game!

CA Aldosivi 21/22 Uniforme Made by Kappa

Kappa has revealed the new Club Atlético Aldosivi Home shirt.

The Argentine side’s green and yellow striped Kombat Pro design for 2021 has wholly green sleeves with a tonal texture pattern.

The Kappa “Omini” chest logo is in black - the shoulder ones yellow - and the club crest is in standard full color, while the back of the shirt is largely green and partner branding generally contrasts in yellow - though the “PLUS MAR” wordmark adds a little more color.

The kit is completed, on the pitch, with a central sponsor on the front of the shirt and green shorts and socks.
The Kappa Kombat Pro design is in yellow with tones of green - reversing the styling of the first choice shirt, after a fashion - with the latter swooping diagonally across the torso and the former providing the fill for the sleeves.

Branding - including Kappa’s “Omini” logos - generally contrasts in green or yellow, or both, but the “PLUS MAR” legend on the upper back adds red into the mix.

The Argentine Primera División side’s shirt has been debuted with yellow shorts and green socks in match action.

CA Aldosivi 21/22 Local Kit

aldosivi home 2021

CA Aldosivi 21/22 Visitante Kit

aldosivi Superliga Argentina DLS Kit 22

Atletico Banfield Kit 2021-22 Dream League Soccer Kit 2021

Club Atlético Banfield 21/22 Jersey by Givova

Famous Argentine side Club Atlético Banfield have launched their new home shirt.

The new Givova design for 2021 sees the return of the diagonal sash - in green on a white base - which has been associated with such successful sides in the Buenos Aires club’s history.

This feature matches the neck and cuffs, while the overlaid Givova logo and partner branding appear in gold - the crest in full color.

The shorts and socks, to complete the kit, are also in white and green.
This is the new 125th anniversary Away shirt for Argentine side Club Atlético Banfield.

The Givova release is in black and blue halves - complete with alternate sleeves - and embellishment, including partner branding, in the more famous white and green.

The crest has a special “1896[-]2021” detail and the sleeve also carries the Liga Profesional de Fútbol patch to mark Banfield’s participation in its Primera División.

The full kit’s shorts are in black and the socks in green to somewhat tie in when a change is required.

CA Banfield 21/22 Home Kit

banfield Superliga Argentina DLS Kit 22

CA Banfield 125th Anniversary Away Kit

banfield away  Superliga Argentina DLS Kit 22

CA Banfield Kits 2021-2022

banfield Superliga Argentina DLS Kit 22

Kits Cordoba Almagro 2021/22

Cordoba 21-22 Home Kit DLS 2021

cordoba Superliga Argentina DLS Kit 22

Arsenal de Sarandi DLS Kits 2021-2022

Arsenal de Sarandi 21/22 home kit

arsenal de sarandi dls 2021

Arsenal Sarandi 21/22 away kit

arsenal de sarandi dls 2021

Arsenal de Sarandi 21/22 third kit

arsenal de sarandi dls 2021

Arsenal de Sarandi 21/22 GK 1

arsenal de sarandi dls 2021

Arsenal de Sarandi 21/22 GK 2

arsenal de sarandi dls 2021

Boca Juniors DLS Kits 2021-22

Boca Juniors 21/22 Home Jersey

New Adidas Home shirt for Argentine football giants Boca Juniors.

The latest incarnation of the instantly recognizable colors is trading on the iconic even more than usual, paying tribute to a famous design worn by Diego Maradona.

El Diego passed away in 2020 and the new release sees the enduring yellow band on a minimalist blue base, with the usual crest dispensed with in favor of four yellow stars housing the letters C, A, B, and J - the initialism standing for “Club Atlético Boca Juniors”.

The current domestic champions’ throwback shirt - marking 40 years since Maradona led Boca to the Metropolitano championship - does stop short of seeing a return for the Adidas Trefoil logo. Instead, it features the usual “Performance” version and the German brand’s stripes on the shoulders, while the standard crest is present on the upper back.

The main sponsor, Qatar Airways, has its wordmark in contrasting blue on the aforementioned band and the secondary partnership is in white on the lower back.

For further historical accuracy, the kit is completed with blue shorts and, somewhat unusually, yellow socks.

Boca Juniors 21/22 Away Jersey

The new secondary design for the Argentine giants of club football, by Adidas, is in tones of grey with a pattern graph.

The crest sits centrally, in full color, while the Adidas branding and wordmark of main sponsor Qatar Airways are in blue.

Nodding to a shirt worn in 1992, the 2021-22 release is part of Boca’s German manufacturer’s “Primegreen” sustainability program and forms a kit with matching grey shorts and socks.

Boca Juniors 21/22 Third Jersey

The Adidas design features a largely royal blue base with overlapping shapes on the shoulders and rising from the hem in yellows and blues.

This is a colorway of, officially, “Mystery Ink” and “Multicolor”, while the sponsorship branding is in white, along with all the Adidas branding, and the crest is in full color.

The design of the shirt is intended to refer to the colorful artwork of the football-mad Caminito area of Buenos Aires’ La Boca neighborhood - referred to with the “Republica de la Boca” detail on the upper back and the elaborate imaging unique to each number - and the release will be worn with blue shorts and socks.

Boca Junior Local Kit

boca juniors  dls kit 2021

Boca Juniors 21/22 Tercera Kit 

Boca Juniors Superliga Argentina DLS Kit 22

C.A Colon Uniformes DLS 2022

Colon 21/22 home kit

dls colon kit 21/22

Colon 21/22 away kit

dls colon kit 21/22

Colon 21/22 GK 1

dls colon kit 21/22

Colon 21/22 GK kit

dls colon kit 21/22

Defensa Y Justicia 21/22 DLS Kit 2021

Defensa 21/22 Local Kit

defensa y justicia dls kit 2021

Defensa 21/22 Visitante Kit

defensa y justicia dls kit 2021

Defensa 21/22 Tercera Kit

defensa y justicia dls kit 2021

Defensa 21/22 Arquero Kit

defensa y justicia dls kit 2021

Defensa 21/22 Arquero Kit

defensa y justicia dls kit 2021

Estudiantes Dream League Kits 2022

Estudiantes 21/22 home kit

dls estudiantes kit 2022

Estudiantes away kit

dls estudiantes kit 2022

Estudiantes third kit

dls estudiantes kit 2022

Estudiantes 21/22 GK 1

dls estudiantes kit 2022

DLS Estudiantes GK 2022

dls estudiantes kit 2022

Kits Independiente 2021-2022 DLS 2021

Club Atlético Independiente Puma Home shirt

The Argentine “King of Cups”’ new primary design is in red with the recent Puma trademark shoulder stripe. This is decorated with depictions of bridge structures common in Independiente’s industrial homeport city of Avellaneda in Buenos Aires, while further embellishment is in white to contrast.
The shirt, which may be eventually further decorated with a main, central sponsor, will be worn with navy shorts and socks.

Club Atlético Independiente Puma Away shirt

The new secondary design is in white with navy shoulder stripe, neck, and cuffs - the lattermost with red trim which matches the feature shoulder laser-cut ventilation and the community-honoring “Avellaneda” print.
The crest is the usual Away shirt-specific retro design based on the flag of St Andrew, and the backward-looking continues with the anachronistic Puma logo.
A central sponsor for the Argentine side may join the supplementary branding in due course, and the shirt will be worn with white shorts and socks as the first choice and the navy Home versions if required.

CA Independiente 21-22 Kits DLS 2021

CA Independiente 21-22 Home Kit

CA Independiente dls kit 2021

CA Independiente 21-22 Away Kit

CA Independiente dls kit 2021

CA Independiente 21-22 GK Home Kit

CA Independiente dls kit 2021

CA Independiente 21-22 GK Away Kit

CA Independiente dls kit 2021

Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata Kits 2021-2022 Dream League Soccer Kits 2021

Gimnasia 21/22 The Hummel Jersey

Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata - the Argentine side known simply as “Gimnasia” - have unveiled their new home shirt.
The new release, to be worn in through to 2022, has been produced by returning supplier Hummel and keeps to a relatively understated look.
The white shirt is complemented with a horizontal band and the trim and partner branding also appear in the secondary navy.
Harking back to the designs worn by the La Plata club’s players in the 1990s, the famous Hummel chevrons also feature in classic style, while the club crest is in full color and the shirt will be worn with white shorts and socks as the first choice.

Gimnasia 21/22 Local Kit

gimnasia 21/22 home kit dls 2021

Gimnasia 21/22 Visitante Kit

gimnasia away kit

Godoy Cruz 2021/22 DLS Kits 2022

Godoy Cruz 21/22 home kit

Godoy Cruz 2021/22 DLS Kits 2022

Godoy Cruz away kit

Godoy Cruz 2021/22 DLS Kits 2022

Godoy Cruz third kit

Godoy Cruz 2021/22 DLS Kits 2022

Godoy Cruz GK kit 1

Godoy Cruz 2021/22 DLS Kits 2022

Godoy Cruz GK kit 2


CA Lanus Kit 2021-22 Dream League Soccer Kits 2021

CA Lanus 21/22 Home Shirt

The Peak CA Lanús 2021 shirt is traditionally maroon with trim at the sleeve cuffs and as an accent for the rear part of the V-neck. The sponsor logos are also white, while there is a subtle graphic print on the front in a slightly lighter shade of red.

CA Lanus 21/22 Away Shirt

Introducing a classy look, the Peak CA Lanús 2021 away shirt is mainly white with very fine pinstripes and a garnet crew-neck collar. The sponsor logos on the chest and sleeves are also red.

CA Lanus Local Kit

CA Lanus Home Kit

Lanus Visitante Kit

CA Lanus away Kit

Lanus Tercera Kit

CA Lanus third Kit

Lanus Arquero Kit

CA Lanus gk Home Kit

Newells Old Boys Kits 2021-2022

Newells Old Boys 21/22 Umbro Shirt

The Umbro design, which will be worn for the rest of this year and into 2022, is in the classic look of red and black halves but in particular references the title-winning side which secured the 1991 championship, by way of a penalty shootout, at Boca Juniors’ “Bonbonera” stadium.

The shirt has stylized raglan sleeves which contrast with the half of the trunk they “touch”, with a quirky neck, the crest in full color, and the English manufacturer’s logo in contrast white.

Another partner's branding also contrasts in white, with detailing referring to the event of which the shirt celebrates the 30th anniversary, and the shirt will be worn with black shorts and socks.
Referring to an Adidas design worn when the side became champions of Argentina in 1991, and marking that victory’s 30th anniversary, the white shirt has notably three-stripes-y red and black accents.

The Umbro logo and full-colored crest are centrally placed and the 2021-22 kit is completed with white shorts and socks so it is, essentially, single-colored.

NOB Local Kit

newells old boys Superliga Argentina DLS Kit 22

NOB Visitante Kit

newells old boys Superliga Argentina DLS Kit 22

NOB Arquero Kit

newells old boys Superliga Argentina DLS Kit 22

Kits Racing Club DLS 22

Racing Club 21/22 Local kit

racing club dls kit 2021

Racing Club 21/22 Visitane kit

racing club dls kit 2021

Racing Club 21/22 Tercera kit

racing club dls kit 2021

Racing Club 21/22 GK 1

racing club dls kit 2021

Racing Club 21/22 GK 2

racing club dls kit 2021

Racing Club 21/22 GK 3

racing club dls kit 2021

Kits Rosario Central 21-22 

Rosario Central Local

rosario central dls kit 2021

Rosario Central Visitante kit

rosario central dls kit 2021

Rosario Central Arquero Local

rosario central dls kit 2021

Rosario Central Arquero Kit

rosario central dls kit 2021

Kits Union de Santa Fe 21-22 

Union de Santa Fe Local Kit

union santa fe dls kit 2021

Union de Santa Fe Visitante

union santa fe dls kit 2021

Kits Velez Sarsfield DLS 2022

Velez Sarsfield Local Kit 

Velez Sarsfield Kit Dream League Soccer 2021

Velez Sarsfield Visitante

Velez Sarsfield Kit Dream League Soccer 2021
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